sazia-afrin asked:

Hello Angel, Thank you for the video tutorials. I am struggling to post a portrait drawing from paper53 to tumbler, it's not coming as portrait at all. Could you help me please? How do you share in portrait from Paper by 53 to tumbler? Thank you very much in advance. Regards, Sazia

Life_Paper Answer:

•First off all, save photo from paper to your photo gallery, open photo from your photo gallery rotation it and save it in portrait mode.

• Second step share your photo from paper ,as it is ,in tumblr pages, (don’t mind if it is in landscape mode).

• Third step in the tumblr page press settings on the photo you have already uploaded ( it is right below your photo), from setting- replace photo and choose the same photo witch is saved in portrait mode in your gallery.

I am very clad for watching my tutorial videos…:-) :-)